customer information system Focus

Do you want to improve the flow of traffic and customer satisfaction at your filling station, without sacrificing recognition and without altering your existing infrastructure? Then choose the intelligent Focus customer information system from Bever Innovations, with which you can easily see which pumps and fuel types are available at any time. This reduces waiting times at the pump to a minimum and allows customers to refuel quickly, safely and stress-free.


Customer information system Focus has been developed to process customer flows even more efficiently. The system is a software solution that guarantees optimal, real-time communication between your Point of Sale (POS) system and the LED information boards above the fuel pumps. This gives your customers direct insight into the current availability at your filling station.

Tailor-made customer information system

The Focus customer information system can be set up in several ways. For example, you can choose to inform customers about the 'progress' of people already refuelling at the pump. This information helps new customers to choose the pump that will be available first, minimising waiting times. Focus can also be used to indicate in real time which fuels are available at which pump and/or which pumps are available at all. The remote control options, in combination with the link to the POS system, also make it possible to shut down pumps remotely or automatically in the event of problems. This saves unmanned stations an extra visit to the filling station location.

Increased safety

Because it is clear to customers which pump will be available first, they will most likely choose the right row right away. This avoids changing queues, which in addition to frustrating customers can also result in very dangerous situations. In addition to improving the flow of traffic, Focus also keeps your station clearer and safer.

easy remote management

Thanks to a link to Bever Innovations Smart Technology, the Focus customer information system can be easily set up, monitored and managed. Both locally and remotely. It goes without saying that Focus can also be linked to other Smart Tech products from Bever Innovations. This makes it possible to dim or switch off the lighting in pumps that are closed or where there are problems. This not only encourages customers to choose the right pump, but also allows you to make considerable savings on your energy costs.

If desired, smart lighting scenes can also be created, linked to the status of the process the customer is going through. In this way, a perfect harmony between energy saving and customer experience can be achieved, without compromising safety.