led area illumination


LED AREA lighting

The use of bright LED lighting on a forecourt, a car park and under the canopy of a petrol station makes customers feel safe and at ease.Bever Innovations gives shape to this with Ambiente and CubiQ site lighting fixtures, which combine the best features, such as perfect light levels, high quality, significant energy savings and an attractive design.

The luminaires can be easily attached to your lampposts. The Ambiente luminaires have a die-cast aluminium housing, which guarantees optimum watertightness and cooling of the LEDs. With a lifespan of > 100,000 hours, you don't have to worry about your site lighting for years.


Different optics available

LED area lighting is available in various optics.Users can also choose between different numbers of LEDs and different colour temperatures (Kelvin), offering a perfect lighting solution for every situation on your site.

Maximum protection

Bever Innovations' area illumination makes use of advanced LED technologies. In addition, each segment of the circuit board is constantly monitored for voltage peaks, short-circuits and temperature overruns. In addition, the luminaires are equipped with a Light Normalizer that continuously measures whether or not there is a loss of light, which - if present - is automatically compensated.

intelligent dimming


Part of a standalone wireless lighting network

LED Area illumination is fitted with EOS Technology as standard. This in-house development by Bever Innovations consists, among other things, of a control board and an antenna, which are cleverly and invisibly built into the lighting fixtures. The luminaires can then be connected plug-and-play on the site, while maintaining any existing infrastructure as far as possible.

After installation, the LED luminaires automatically form a standalone wireless network. They not only pass on information to each other 24/7, but also to the other Bever products on site. The luminaires are available with and without motion sensors. Thanks to the EOS network, they can also use the measured data from the other LED products. In addition, it is possible to link separate daylight and motion sensors to the luminaires.

‘Network completeness’

In the unlikely event that an LED area luminaire breaks down, this is immediately detected in the EOS network. In addition, managers and - if required - the technical service or maintenance party automatically receive a notification, so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. In this way we guarantee a fully functioning wireless network of LED products. But other statistics can also be logged, such as the operating temperature of the critical components and the 'up-time'.

In other words, our EOS Technology not only enables predictable maintenance, but also ensures visibility and safety at petrol stations at all times.