light up your canopy with bever downlights

A forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; when well-lit by LED downlights, it provides a visually welcoming, safe, and inviting environment for your customers. Without compromising on visibility, canopy downlights also save energy costs at the same time. Automatically and smoothly changing light intensity when there is no presence on your forecourt is the most important function of this energy-saving solution.

LS Downlight



BENEFITS of our bever Downlights

LED downlights have a long service life, and because the light output is much brighter than conventional lighting, people and objects can always be seen in daylight conditions. Poorly lit pumps and dark corners are a thing of the past, making customers feel safe and welcome at your petrol and EV-station.

The benefits of our LED downlights are:

    1. Large energy savings, through autonomous behavior
    2. Connect your forecourt with Bever Smart Tech
    3. Manage luminaires with Bever App
    4. Optimal protection, maximum lifetime
    5. No light pollution
    6. Good light distribution thanks to appropriate optics
    7. Easy installation

Bever Smart Tech

The power to connect your forecourt

We believe in the power of connection. That is why all our LED products can be connected wirelessly using Bever Smart Tech. Within the petrol retail market, there are important issues regarding safety, energy savings, and maintenance at petrol stations. With our Bever Smart Tech connected LED products, we have a unique answer to provide the most sustainable solution for your connected forecourt.

We offer:

  • High-end downlights, exceptionally suited for your petrol and EV-station.
    The downlights are fully integrated with Bever Innovations Smart Technology.
  • Bever Smart Tech products can connect easily and together they form a secure wireless network, which enables 24/7 remote exchange of information. This makes remote asset management possible.
  • The network and LED downlights can be set and adjusted through the easy-to-use Bever-app.
  • Straight out of the box, the downlight fixtures are already intelligent. The motion sensor works immediately. A dimming percentage is also set as default when your station has no visitors. You start saving immediately.

Benefits of Bever Smart Tech in our LED Downlights:


With today's rising electricity prices, the need for additional savings is becoming increasingly important. Our intelligent LED Downlights can help with that.
  • When an LS Downlight does not detect motion late at night for a certain period of time, it will communicate with other LS Downlights in its mesh network to dim the light output to a certain level. This light output is still at an appropriate level to attract customers.
  • After customers enter the gas station and motion is detected, the LS Downlights turn on to full power to ensure a safe environment and optimal visibility.
  • Because the downlight fixtures are set to 80% light output right out of the box, you start saving right away.

Example Carrefour France:


Carrefour Angers (FR) saves extra on their energy costs at night, yet the site looks highly visible and operational.

  • Check out the Carrefour case study to see how the Carrefour Angers, Grand Maine site in France uses the dimming options and motion sensors of the LS Downlights.
  • This allows them to save significantly on their energy costs while still being highly visible during nighttime hours.
Read case study


The Bever Dashboard is an intuitive web-based system that makes Bever Innovations' Smart devices and products manageable online and provides real-time information to the customer.
With this system, you have an overview of all your locations with Smart products and you can monitor them remotely. In addition, you have a better understanding of device operating conditions, such as temperature or average energy consumption.


One web portal for all your locations.
In the well-organized Bever Dashboard, owners and maintenance parties can easily view all their locations. The data from the LED fixtures is organized here and forms a valuable source of information that allows you to analyze and manage your location.

Energy usage information:
Have a quick overview of your energy consumption, so you can make adjustments in your luminaire output setting when this is desired.

Integration into your maintenance system via API software
An API software interface makes it possible to exchange the collected data with your own systems. This allows you to remotely manage your Smart devices from the maintenance system you are familiar with.

Rutger van Dierendonck, technical director at Bever Innovations:

'For a number of oil companies, we have used an API integration to make a direct connection into the internal maintenance program of the respective company.
This facilitates asset management; it is no longer necessary to check various maintenance systems to keep track of the status of products. All information is now registered centrally, in the oil company's own system.'

Instant failure reports enhance safety
When a fixture unexpectedly breaks down, this is immediately made visible in the online Bever Dashboard. A notification is automatically sent to the manager, technical service and/or maintenance party, after which appropriate action can be taken immediately. This eliminates the need for maintenance and service technicians to physically visit the petrol stations to gain insight into the status of the products, energy consumption or any malfunctions.

  • Early warning signals are also visible in the dashboard. For example: the operating temperatures of all critical fixture components are monitored 24/7. Should temperatures exceed a critical limit, this is communicated immediately in the dashboard. In this way, predictive maintenance becomes possible and visibility and safety on site become better safeguarded.

Manage your fixtures and processes with the BEVER INNOVATIONS APP

The network of LED products can be set and adjusted through an easy-to-use app.

Get the Smart Tech network up and running in 2 to 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Fixtures and accessories automatically form the Smart Tech network after plug-and-play installation

Smart Tech is integrated as standard in all Bever Innovations fixtures. After installation, the fixtures automatically form a standalone, wireless network. They transmit information to each other 24/7, without any connection to the Internet and without prior addressing or programming.

Third-party connections ( for example, companies own maintenance program)

If you would like to create a connection with other (3rd party) systems, you can do this by using one of our Smart bridges. We have designed several bridges to easily work with frequently used systems.

Step 2: Configure the Smart network with the Bever Innovations app

Each Smart device is pre-programmed with smart behavior. The Bever Innovations app lets you intuitively know which fixtures belong together, what the desired brightness or other behavior is, and adjust the speed of response as desired.

The wireless smart network:

All the luminaires connect wirelessly and together they create a mesh network in which they communicate.
  • No additional control cables are required to create the Smart Tech network. Only a 230V power supply for the Smart -integrated luminaire.
  • Plug & Play: no separate routers are required.
  • Operates independently of Wi-Fi in the field.

Secure, stand-alone wireless network

  • All data from the LED luminaires is sent encrypted as standard, therefor maximum security is guaranteed. Unauthorized parties cannot read the data collected from the lighting fixtures or influence settings.
  • Because our Smart Technology involves a stand-alone protocol, disruptions to the Wi-Fi network and/or other systems are highly unlikely.



All LED luminaires have optimal LED protection because of the integrated LIPS (Luminaire Intelligent Protection System) system:

  • When the temperature of the LEDs on the circuit board exceeds 80˚C, it automatically switches on the LIPS system.
  • The fixture automatically dims back.
  • Each segment of the circuit board is continuously monitored for voltage spikes, short circuits, and temperature overshoot.
  • As a result, the luminaire is optimally protected, without compromising on the issued lifetime.

Guaranteed maximum light output on LED downlights with the integrated Light Normalizer feature:

  • The luminaires have an integrated 'Light Normalizer' that continuously measures whether there is any light output decline.
  • When there is a light output decline, this is automatically compensated.


Where conventional fixtures produce a lot of scattered light, our LED downlights shine very precisely where you want them to. In this way, light pollution and light waste can be kept to a minimum. The use of special lenses creates a beacon of light in the dark, exactly where needed. Intelligent dimming options and integrated daylight and motion sensors also ensure that there is never more light than necessary.


Our canopy luminaires for LED canopy lighting have optics that ensure the light is emitted broadly and evenly. As a result, pumps, EV chargers, and canopy columns are well-lit, making them perceptible from afar. Uniform light distribution contributes to an optimal visitor experience as it increases the sense of security. When your canopy is lit by the Bever downlights, there are no more poorly lit areas at your station.


  • In order to avoid modifications to the infrastructure of the canopy, we take the existing light points into account as much as possible in our design. Because the downlights can be used in both surface-mounted and built-in situations, optimal installation convenience is also guaranteed.
  • The luminaires are easy to install by one person. Because all sensors are already integrated into the fixture, connecting the power cable is all that is needed. A long connecting cable ensures an optimal installation space.

Contact us for your lighting solution

Bever Innovations will be happy to tell you more about the application of LED canopy lighting at your petrol station. This also applies if you require other lighting solutions, such as LED interior and/or grounds lighting. Contact us for a tailor-made lighting plan. You can reach us on +31(0)111 74 54 00 or by emailing