InMo - dynamic LED Screen

A new approach to pricing- and marketing for your petrol station. InMo (In Motion) dynamic LED screen can easily be built into the price sign of your petrol station. The LED screen functions as a price display, information screen, and marketing tool in one. On the LED Screen, not only fuel prices of your petrol station, but also discounts and marketing campaigns can easily be highlighted. Both in text and in images. Professional, eye-catching and dynamic, with an appropriate message for every moment.Thanks to the direct on-site Point of Sale (POS) link, the actual prices of the fuels are always displayed clearly within seconds of a price change or even overlaid to your promotional content. This combination of remote content management and local (POS) price information offers the best of both worlds.


The InMo LED screen has been specially developed for use in a price totem at a petrol station or as a wall mounted eye-catcher. The LED screen is available in different product and pitch sizes. Combined with a very large and detailed colour range (High Dynamic Range: 48 bit colours over a full dimming range), the InMo LED screen is an eye-catcher at any petrol station.


  • Price display, information column, and marketing tool in one
  • Direct link to POS system: always the right fuel prices
  • Pitch size: 3.9 and 5.7
  • Easy serviceable: via front- and rear
  • Optimal readability: high brightness, high contrast
  • Remote management: Bever Dashboard

Always the right fuel price

Thanks to a link with the POS system, the current fuel prices are automatically shared on the LED screen without any worry. The system ensures the correct translation of the POS system ‘language’ to the communication protocol of the InMo LED screen, after which the information is automatically sent to the screen via a local wireless (RF) connection. Here the price information is projected on top of the price sign screen image..


The InMo LED screen is remotely accessible via Bever Innovations Smart Tech Dashboard. All information is available online, which also makes remote asset management possible. For saftey reason, the fuel prices are not available outside the petrol station. Authorized users can easily create or change online playlists per day/time. For example, in the morning, coffee, tea, and fresh croissants can be promoted at the petrol station, while in the afternoon and evening, sandwiches and soft drinks can be highlighted. If desired, these actions and the current fuel prices can be alternated with discounts and promotions.

The Bever Dashboard is an intuitive web-based management system for Smart Tech devices and Bever Innovations LED products, that gives information about the Bever Innovations products in real-time. It allows you to have an overview of all sites with Smart Tech devices, to monitor remotely and to have better insight into device operating conditions, such as temperature, average power consumption etc. It also allows you to efficiently program your InMo LED screen, with or without a POS connection.



Current prices are automatically displayed thanks to a connection to the POS (Point of Sale) system. What’s more, the display can be managed remotely using the Dashboard, the remote platform from Bever Innovations. All information is available online, enabling remote management too. Using the Bever Dashboard website, content and fuel grades with associated price line can be selected and directly uploaded to the I-Catcher InMo.
  • The InMO Controller gets the actual pricing, directly from the POS system, so price information is not depending on a working internet connection and is updated continuously.
  • Within the Dashboard the output on the InMO LED Screen can be scheduled. It also enables you to select the duration of every online promotion

Future-proof technology

Thanks to Bever Smart Technology, the InMo LED screen can be easily integrated into the Smart Tech network, within which all our LED products can communicate wirelessly. This technology not only ensures optimum coordination between all LED (lighting) products, but also has a monitoring function. In addition, Smart Tech assists with asset management and predictable maintenance.
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