The connected forecourt revolution

Experience the power of a connected forecourt with Bever Innovations Smart Technology. Our belief in seamless connectivity drives every Bever product, providing a wireless connection that brings unprecedented efficiency and intelligence to your operations.

In a rapidly evolving petrol retail landscape, priorities like energy savings, safety, and maintenance take center stage. Through the integration of our LED products with Bever Smart Tech, we offer a distinctive solution to these critical concerns. Our commitment lies in delivering the most sustainable solutions that not only address current challenges but also pave the way for a future-ready forecourt.

Step into a new era of forecourt management with Bever Smart Tech. Our solutions connect your forecourt devices and back-office systems, enabling real-time insights, streamlined maintenance, and enhanced operational control. Elevate your forecourt today, and embark on a journey of efficiency, sustainability, and innovation – now and in the future.

1. Large energy savings

In a time of escalating electricity expenses, realizing substantial savings has taken on heightened importance. Our intelligent LED Downlights with Bever Smart Technology are here to make a difference.
  • When the LS Downlights sense inactivity during late hours, it will communicate within its mesh network to dim the light output to a certain level, conserving energy while maintaining an inviting ambiance.
  • Upon customer arrival and motion detection at the petrol station, LS Downlights turn on to full power, ensuring safety and optimal visibility.
  • Designed with an initial 80% light output setting, these downlight fixtures initiate immediate savings right from installation. Your savings journey starts immediately.

Carrefour Angers (FR) maximizes energy savings while ensuring visibility:

  • Discover the Carrefour case study showcasing the innovative use of dimming options and motion sensors with LS Downlights at the Carrefour Angers, Grand Maine site in France.
  • Through this approach, substantial energy cost reductions are achieved without compromising the site's prominent visibility during the night.
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2. EV integration into price sign

Display EV pricing and charger availability on your price sign

As the world moves towards a greener future, the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations into petrol stations is becoming increasingly common. However, displaying accurate EV price information alongside traditional petrol prices on your monolith sign poses significant challenges, especially when a local POS system is already in place.

To address these obstacles, Bever Innovations introduced the IC Smart, a fast, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solution:

The IC Smart is a cutting-edge interface converter that bridges the gap between petrol station POS data and online EV protocol standards. With minimal investment, petrol station owners can now effortlessly display EV kWh price information on their existing or new LED price signs, ensuring that customers have access to transparent and up-to-date pricing for both traditional fuel and electric charging.

Key features include:

  • Integration of POS and EV protocol data streams:
    The IC Smart unifies the diverse data streams, ensuring accurate pricing information is shown on the LED Price Displays in the price sign.
  • Real-time charger availability:
    The IC Smart enables the display of currently available charging spaces, providing convenience to EV drivers.
  • Back-office system integration:
    Toegevoegd: The connection with a customer's back-office system can be established upon the customer's request, enhancing asset management and simplifying operations.
  • Bever Dashboard:
    Toegevoegd: Products with Bever Smart Tech can be managed online and asset management becomes possible.

    Toegevoegd: More information: click here.





Change EV prices remotely, via Bever Dashboard

Client: EVO ENERGY, EV-HyperHubs
Location: York, England
Project: Installation LED Price Displays. Integration customer back-office system.
Client's wish: Because York City Council uses standardized pricing in their network, EV price changes must be applied simultaneously across all locations.

"Changing prices via the Bever Dashboard is utilized in EVO Energy's HyperHubs. In these Hyperhub projects, the ability to make remote price changes across all sites was a very important requirement. York City Council has standardized pricing across their network, so price changes must be made at all sites simultaneously.

The Bever Dashboard connected sites meet these requirements as well as offering operators a very simple way to make their sites future-ready."

Howell Griffiths
Business Development Director UK, Ireland and Scotland, Bever 

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Display kWh and GNV price information + CO2

Client: Karrgreen, Multi-Fuel station (GNV and EV chargers)
Location: Moréac, France
Project: Installation LED Price Displays. Integration onsite POS system and customer back-office system.
The customer's wish: Display price information GNV and kWh. In addition, the customer also wanted to indicate the precise calculation of the CO2 emission reduction achieved through the use of alternative energy sources.

"At the Karrgreen Moréac station, various LED Price Displays have been installed, including a specific CNG display. This LED display is locally managed via a standard POS connection, ensuring accurate CNG price data is displayed. In addition, KarrGreen utilizes Bever Smart Technology to establish an online connection with their back-office system, enabling real-time access to EV price information and the calculation of CO2 emission reduction. These data are displayed on other LED Price Displays located within the same price sign."

Jean-Michel Ludot
Sales manager France, Bever Innovations


Display EV charger availability + dynamic content + back office integration

Customer: Shell Recharge, EV station
Location: Fulham London, England
Project: Integration customer back-office system, installation of MID Sign, LED Screen and LED Canopy Downlights.
Customer requirement: Showing EV charger availability on the LED Screen, in combination with additional dynamic content.

"On the InMo LED Screen, Shell displays dynamic content to its customers. The system is automatically updated to display the number of EV chargers available, something that was very important for Shell. The solution is very flexible and can also be used to indicate waiting times or prices, anything is possible."

Rutger van Dierendonck,
Technical Director, Bever Innovations

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3. Fixtures and processes managed with one app

Manage your luminaires and processes with our easy to use Bever App

Initiate the Bever Smart Tech network effortlessly with just 2 to 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Through plug-and-play installation, luminaires and accessories seamlessly establish the Bever Smart Tech network automatically

Bever Smart Technology is integrated as standard in all Bever Innovations fixtures. After installation, the luminaires automatically form a standalone, wireless network. They continuously exchange information, without any connection to the internet and without prior addressing or programming.

Third-party connections ( for example, a customer back-office system or maintenance program)

If you would like to create a connection with other (3rd party) systems, you can do this by using one of our Smart bridges. We have designed several bridges to easily work with frequently used systems.

Step 2: Configure the Bever Smart Tech network using our Bever app

Every Smart device comes pre-configured with intelligent functionality. The Bever Innovations app provides an intuitive interface to help you identify corresponding fixtures, define desired brightness levels or other behaviors, and customize response speeds to your preferences

4. Bever Dashboard

Remote asset management: manage your products online

In the user-friendly Bever Dashboard, owners and maintenance parties can easily view all their locations with Bever products. Data is organized here and forms a valuable source of information that enables customers to analyse sites and manage business processes. The system shows the operating conditions for each installed Bever product, for example temperature or average energy consumption. In this way, predictable maintenance becomes possible and visibility and safety at sites is better ensured.


  • Through the installation of a Smart bridge at your gas station, you unlock the ability to remotely adjust prices on your LED Price Displays, update marketing content on your LED Screen (regardless of its POS system connectivity), and access real-time status and statistics of your Bever Smart Tech products. This encompasses factors like energy consumption, motion detections, and device temperature, among others.


The connection with a customer back-office system can be established upon the customer's request.

  • An API software interface makes it possible to exchange collected data with an internal customer back-office system. This facilitates asset management, eliminating the need to check various maintenance systems to monitor the status of the systems.
  • This makes Bever products remotely manageable. All information is now logged centrally in the oil company's own system with which the customer is already familiar.
Instant failure reports via Bever Dashboard

When a fixture unexpectedly breaks down, this is immediately made visible in the Bever Dashboard. A notification is automatically sent to the manager, technical service and/or maintenance party, after which appropriate action can be taken immediately. This eliminates the need for maintenance and service technicians to physically visit the petrol stations to gain insight into the status of the products, energy consumption or any malfunctions.

  • Early warning signals are also visible in the dashboard. For example, the operating temperatures of all critical fixture components are monitored 24/7. Should temperatures exceed a critical limit, this is communicated immediately in the dashboard.
  • Predictive maintenance becomes achievable, and on-site visibility and safety are better guaranteed.

Rutger van Dierendonck, technical director bij Bever Innovations:
For a number of oil companies, we have used an API integration to make a direct connection into the internal back-office system of the respective company.
This facilitates asset management; it is no longer necessary to check various maintenance systems to keep track of the status of products. All information is now registered centrally, in the oil company's own system.".

5. Wireless, Plug & Play network

All the luminaires connect wirelessly and together they create a mesh network in which they communicate.
  • No additional control cables are required to create the Bever Smart Tech network. Only a 230V power supply for the integrated Bever Smart Tech luminaire.
  • Plug & Play: no separate routers are required.
  • Operates independently of Wi-Fi in the field.

6. Secure and flexible network

All data from the LED luminaires is sent encrypted as standard, therefor maximum security is guaranteed. Unauthorized parties cannot read the data collected from the lighting fixtures or influence settings.

Because our Smart Technology involves a stand-alone protocol, disruptions to the Wi-Fi network and/or other systems are highly unlikely.


Flexible and scalable

  • Because the Bever Smart Tech luminaires easily connect with each other, with bridges, sensors, and other external equipment, you always have the ability to obtain a lighting plan according to your wishes.

  • Expanding or making adjustments to your lighting plan is also very easy as a result, even in the future.

    A petrol station owner who has been using our LED downlights for some time, recently installed an intelligent camera surveillance system. With the use of our Bever Smart bridge, these systems can be easily linked and the lighting can now respond intelligently, based on movements detected by the surveillance cameras.

7. Active Overheat Protection

- in LED Price displays

A color-coated aluminum plate protects the electronics and LEDs from direct sunlight:

  • It saves more than 10% in heat development on electronics and offers aesthetic advantages.
  • It ensures optimal contrast.

All LED price displays have an intelligent AOP (Active Overheat Protection) protection system:

  • The moment the temperature of the LEDs rises too high, the fans in the display automatically switch on.
  • hould this cooling not be sufficient under extreme conditions, the LEDs automatically dim down, providing maximum protection of the electronics against overheating.
  • This combination ensures a guaranteed, long service life.

climate control

If the temperature of the LED is too high, the fans in the display automatically switch on.

Intelligent dimming

When the LED display is in danger of overheating, the LEDs receive slightly less energy and dim back.
When the temperature returns to an acceptable level, the energy switches back to normal.

how does AOP works (Active Overheating Protection):

8. Optimal LED Protection - Maximum life span

- in LED luminaires

All LED luminaires have optimal LED protection because of the integrated LIPS (Luminaire Intelligent Protection System) system:

  • When the temperature of the LEDs on the circuit board exceeds 80˚C, it automatically switches on the LIPS system.
  • The fixture automatically dims back.
  • Each segment of the circuit board is continuously monitored for voltage spikes, short circuits, and temperature overshoot.
  • As a result, the luminaire is optimally protected, without compromising on the issued lifetime.

Guaranteed maximum light output on LED downlights with the integrated Light Normalizer feature:

  • The luminaires have an integrated 'Light Normalizer' that continuously measures whether there is any light output decline.
  • When there is a light output decline, this is automatically compensated..