Agri Sneltank, Zierikzee NL


    Agri Sneltank


    Zierikzee, The Netherlands


    Installation InMo LED Screen, LS LED Under Canopy Illumination, Area Illumination

    The AgriSneltank petrol station in Zierikzee recently moved from ‘t Sas to the Gouwepoort industrial estate. On the N256 and close to the Zeeland Bridge, a roofed AgriSneltank filling station with several AgriSnellaad (fast) charging stations has been built that is open on both sides and is quite a unique feature in the Netherlands. Motorists, truck drivers, motorcyclists and scooter riders can therefore literally drive in and out of the new filling station. In contrast to the standard canopies on poles, the futuristic filling station was built entirely under architecture, in which active search was made for new and sustainable (alternative) techniques. The Bever Innovations’ LED lighting and InMotion (InMo) LED screens are a perfect match.

    “We have been a partner and supplier of AgriSneltank for a long time; for LS LED canopy lighting, Ambiente area lighting and LED price signs at all locations,” says Marnick Blom, Account Manager at Bever Innovations. “We were also involved at an early stage in this particular new construction project in order to help think about the best solutions for the canopy and terrain lighting. In addition, the owner of AgriSneltank and AgriSnellaad CZAV was looking for innovative price signs that show more than the static fuel prices. We soon arrived at our new and innovative InMo LED display, which is graphically very attractive and displays information in high resolution.”

    Added value

    Until now, the InMo LED screen was mostly used at manned fuel stations, where there is also a shop, says Blom. “For example, to promote the sandwiches and coffee in the shop, where the screen can be easily recouped. However, the AgriSneltank filling station in Zierikzee is an unmanned station, without a shop. Nevertheless, CZAV quickly saw the added value of InMo. The operator sees its newest filling station location as the perfect location to explore and promote developments in loading capacity and alternative energy sources to customers. Our LED screens can be of great added value here.

    Software distribution

    Bever Innovations supplied a total of two InMo LED screens, which were modularly constructed with RGB LED tiles measuring 32 by 32 centimetres. “Software-wise, the screens are divided into two,” says Blom. “Thanks to a link with the POS system, the most up-to-date fuel prices can always be shown at the top of the screen, without the administrator and/or (technical) employee having to worry about this. Space has been reserved at the bottom of the screen for additional information. For example, information about the electric quick chargers, charging capacities and/or special fuels with which the filling station wants to make a difference in the region.

    Especially for outdoor applications

    The high quality LEDs of the InMo LED screens have been specially developed for outdoor applications and are therefore optimally resistant to UV radiation and other (extreme) weather conditions, says Blom. “Thanks to the black appearance of the InMo LED tiles, in combination with the high light output, the screens guarantee a very high contrast and optimal readability under all weather conditions. The screen automatically adjusts to the amount of light in the environment. Because several light sensors are integrated in the screen, the LEDs respond even if only part of the screen is in full sunlight. Combined with a very large and detailed colour range (High Dynamic Range: 48 bit colours over a full dimming range), the InMo LED screens are the eye catchers in all circumstances.”

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