Bever Innovations illuminates iconic Shell Recharge site


    Shell Recharge


    Fulham, London, United Kingdom


    Installation of CubiQ luminaire and InMo LED screen

    In January 2022, Shell made headlines when the company opened its first EV hub on Fulham Road, London. The site which features 9 high powered, 175kW charge points also happens to be the largest in the world and is powered entirely by 100% certified renewable energy. The station also features a Little Waitrose & Partners convenience store and a Costa Coffee and well as comfortable seating and free wi-fi.


    The EV hub was designed for sustainability. The canopy is made from sheets of timber glued together which uses much less energy to produce and transport than steel. Solar panels are built into the canopy roof to provide around a quarter of the site’s electricity needs and all electricity supplied to the EV charge points and the station are from 100% certified renewable energy sources.

    Bever’s under canopy lighting solutions are known for their long service life and minimum energy consumption making them an excellent choice for a sustainable site. The CubiQ luminaires used on the Shell Fulham Road site are a new development from Bever designed to meet the fuel station requirements of today and tomorrow. CubiQ is a small, flexible lighting solution making it the perfect fit for this innovative EV hub.

    “Our new CubiQ lighting system is much smaller than our LS Downlights. We ran a lot of light simulations to ensure the end product perfectly compliments the site architecture,” explained Rutger van Dierendonck, Technical Director at Bever Innovations.

    “The CubiQ fixtures are also equipped with Bever Smart Technolgy as standard which allows site managers to remotely monitor the assets on the site and ensure everything is running as it should be. Asset management is something that has become increasingly important for our customers,” he added.

    All Smart connected devices can be remotely accessed via the Bever Dashboard, an intuitive web-based management system that gives users information about Bever Innovations products in real-time. Users can get an overview of all sites in their network, monitor the devices remotely and gain insights into device operating conditions.


    The site also features Bever Innovation’s InMo LED screen, specifically developed for use in a price totem. The screen allows Shell to clearly communicate with their customers – displaying the number of EV chargers available as well as offers to drive traffic in store.

    “The InMo video wall allows Shell to display a range of dynamic content to their customers.  The system automatically updates to show the number of chargers available, something that was very important for them. The solution is extremely flexible and in the future could be used to to show wait times or prices, anything is possible,” Rutger explained.

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