E.Leclerc: Real-time parking availability and back-office integration


    E.Leclerc (in collaboration with the Assmann Group)


    Cogolin, France


    Installation of LED displays and IC Smart data integration into the client's back-office system


    E.Leclerc Cogolin Hypermarket sought a solution to display real- time parking space availability without the need for complex cable installations. Additionally, they desired seamless integration with the Assmann Group back-office system.


    In collaboration with our valued partner, signmaker UNIVERS ENSEIGNES, and at the request of E.Leclerc, Bever Innovations established a connection with the Assmann Group’s back-office system. This has simplified operations and enabled remote asset management. The API software facilitates efficient exchange of parking space information, and all data is centrally stored and monitored in the Assmann Group’s system. This allows for remote management of Bever’s LED displays.

    Cable-Free Installation: E.Leclerc Cogolin required a cable-free solution to avoid the complexities associated with cable installations in the hypermarket’s parking lot.

    Back-office integration:
    Seamless integration with the Assmann Group’s back-office system was imperative to streamline operations and enhance asset management.

    The IC Smart solution:
    Bever Innovations implemented the IC Smart at the E.Leclerc Cogolin Hypermarket. This device acts as an interface converter, expertly connecting online data with back-office systems. Within the scope of this project, the innovative IC Smart provides a rapid, cost-effective, and user-friendly approach for displaying parking space availability on the LED signs located in the totem on-site.


    1. Integration of online data streams and back-office system:
      The IC Smart efficiently unifies diverse data streams, ensuring accurate parking space availability information is displayed on the LED Displays in the hypermarket’s signage.
    2. API software interface for back-office integration:
      The IC Smart facilitates the exchange of collected data with the Assmann Group internal back-office system. This integration streamlines asset management by eliminating the need to consult various maintenance systems to monitor system status.
    3. Remote management:
      With the IC Smart in place, Bever’s LED displays are now remotely manageable. All parking space availability information is centrally logged in Assmann Group’s back-office system.

    By implementing the IC Smart solution, E.Leclerc has achieved its goal of displaying real-time parking space availa-bility to enhance customer convenience. The partnership between Bever Innovations and UNIVERS ENSEIGNES has not only addressed the specific needs of E.Leclerc Cogolin but has also showcased the power of innovative technology and collaboration in the retail industry. This project serves as a prime example of how cutting-edge solutions can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses, ultimately improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.

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