Fieten Olie Urk, The Netherlands


    Fieten Olie


    Urk, The Netherlands


    LS Downlights, LED Screen, LED Price Displays

    On the grounds of Vakgarage Auto Quick Service Urk located at Vliestroom 2 in Urk is Fieten Olie’s 52nd filling station. The station, formerly operated under the AVIA flag, has been changed to Fieten colors. At this location, Super 98 and LPG are offered plus Euro 95 and diesel. In addition, there is a separate area on the premises for trucks with High Speed Diesel pumps. The range of fuels will soon be expanded to include AdBlue.

    Recently sustainable and smart LED luminaires have been installed in the canopy. The LS downlights  were chosen to provide a visually welcoming and safe environment for customers. In addition, Fieten Olie also chose an innovative LED screen at this station, installed in the totem, so that marketing promotions can be communicated easily and clearly. It is important to Fieten Olie that fuel prices are clearly visible and always up to date. The LED price displays in the totem are also from Bever Innovations.

    The LED screen and the LED canopy downlights are standard equipped with the wireless, integrated Bever Innovations Smart Technology. The network of LED luminaires can be set and adjusted through an easy-to-use app. If required, the LED price displays and third party (maintenance) systems can also be connected to the network. Remote product management-  and price changes are then made possible.

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