Jora D24, Oud Gastel, NL




    Oud Gastel, The Netherlands


    InMo LED screen

    This InMo LED screen is used as a price display and marketing tool.

    The InMo is a dynamic LED screen that can be easily incorporated into price totems, using modular parts. The screen itself serves as a price display, information terminal and marketing tool in one. The LED screen can not only display fuel prices but also easily highlight discounts and marketing promotions, both textually and visually. “It’s professional, eye-catching and dynamic, with a suitable message for every occasion. Thanks to the Point (POS) link and price projection on top of the screen display, the most up-to-date prices can be displayed at all times.

    Always the right fuel price

    Thanks to a link with the POS system, the current fuel prices are automatically shared on the LED screen without any worry. The system ensures the correct translation of the POS system ‘language’ to the communication protocol of the InMo LED screen, after which the information is automatically sent to the screen via a local wireless (RF) connection. Here the price information is projected on top of the price sign screen image

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