Kuster Energy, Groenlo, NL


    Kuster Oil


    Groenlo, The Netherlands


    LS Downlights, Ambiente LED luminaires, Bever Smart Technology

    Petrol station of the future is friendly, sustainable and extremely well lit

    Kuster Energy designed a petrol station for the future, which serves as both a mobility centre and an energy hub. Bever Innovations strengthened that vision with both innovative, connected and bespoke LED Lighting

    For the lighting, Kuster Energy contacted Bever Innovations, Fuel division, who have extensive experience in petrol station lighting and determined the right lighting fittings, fixtures and light output for this project.
    For the canopy lighting, we recommended 12 LS Downlights, including our Bever Smart Technology and with a light level of 250 lux. These luminaires are delivered in the colour white as standard. However, because this didn’t correspond with the architect’s design, we foil-coated all fittings black at the client’s request.”

    For area lighting, we delivered and installed 28 Ambiente LED luminaires, which combine a perfect lighting level, high quality and significant energy savings with an attractive design. And we also installed our Ambiente luminaires in the lorry park. Thanks to Bever Smart Technology all the Bever Smart luminaires are connected. As such, we can utilise the daylight sensors in the canopy luminaires in order to switch on all lighting at dusk at precisely the right time. Furthermore, it will also be possible in future to link the lorry park lighting with the barrier, so that the luminaires will automatically switch on when the barrier is activated and will also automatically (significantly) reduce in brightness again. Bever Smart Technology also ensures simple control in the future, if our lighting is implemented in several Kuster Energy petrol stations.

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