LS Downlights in Eco-modus: big energy savings and highly visible petrol station




    Angers Grand Maine, France


    Installation LED Under Canopy Illumination

    Light output survey

    After installation of eight LS Downlights at the Carrefour Angers petrol station, the results and differences in light output and energy usage between full power-modus and eco-modus are displayed below.

    Product installed:

    8 LS Downlights with
    50LED, 4000K , 125W max. Symmetric (16764)

    Values set:

    FeaturesValues LS downlight with Bever Smart Technology
    Values LS downlight with Smart Tech125 W
    Power rating (supplied)80% of the maximum (125 W) is 102 W
    Motion detectionON
    Power in eco-mode15% of the nominal, is 15,3 W
    Time without detection before
    switching to Eco mode
    2 minutes
    Functionality– Individual operation per luminaire
    – Each luminaire uses the information from its own motion sensor

    Power consumption

    Per downlight:
    Power after detection: 102 W
    Power in eco-mode: 15,5 W

    Light measurement

    LocationRequired valueValues measured
    Horizontal light measurement at groundlevel300 lux (*)320 lux
    (320 –450 lux)
    Vertical illumination measurement at the
    150 lux (**)230 lux

    (*) required value / Client
    (**) required value / Standard NF EN 12464

    Measured at ground level:
    439 lux
    Measured by nozzles:
    248 lux

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