Setting your LS Downlights in eco-modus at night will save a lot of energy cost ánd still, your petrol station looks fully operational.

For years we are working on saving energy; in our day to day life and in our businesses.
With the current electricity prices spiking the need for additional savings is getting more important. Our LED Under Canopy Illumination products can help to achieve this.
Late at night, when a LS Downlight is not detecting any movement for a certain period it will communicate to other LS downlights in its mesh network to dim down to a certain level. This light output is still at a convenient level to attract customers.
 When customers are entering the fuel station and motion is detected all LS downlights will go to full power to ensure a safe environment and optimal visibility.

Take a look at our Case Study to see how Carrefour Angers, Grand Maine in France is uwing the eco-modus and motion sensors on the LS Downlights whilst their site still remains highly visible.
You can read the specifics on the additional cost savings in our case study here>>