Meet Thibaud Hacquard, Sales Director Afrika

‘In Africa, a fuel station is more than just that, it is a central hub for the community.
Bever Innovations’ equipment and solutions help retailers to provide their customers the highest standards of services by creating a welcoming and safe environment in the petrol station’.

After completing a Master’s degree in Business Management at IAE Lyon, I initially found myself working in the finance industry. But as I was not totally fulfilled in my job and my attraction for Africa was getting stronger, I decided to look for any opportunity which would enable me to relocate to the continent. I made my first steps in the fuel retail industry with Tanzania Petroleum Services (TPS), a French-owned company specializing in electro/mechanical services related to hydraulics and petroleum equipment.

I worked for Tanzania Petroleum Services for almost three years before I was offered a role with Tokheim. They asked me to join their Africa & Middle East team as Area Sales Manager where I was responsible for all business development and sales management activities of the full range of Tokheim products across the East African region including dispensing pumps, automated tank gauges, automation and fuel management systems.
After working for Tokheim for three years I joined the Bever Innovations international sales team for a further challenge.

At Bever Innovations

Bever Innovations is a company driven by innovation and quality. The reasonable size of the company provides a lot of advantages. The communication with the head office in the Netherlands is permanent and easy and there is direct contact between the sales team and the top management. It means decisions are taken very quickly and as a result we are highly reactive to the changing needs of the market.
Petrol stations in Africa often go beyond just being a fuel station and are instead more of a community hub, particularly in remote areas. Bever’s LED equipment including under-canopy lighting, perimeter area lighting, shop and contour illumination work together to create a welcoming environment to attract customers to the forecourt and ensure they feel safe – particularly when refuelling at night.

The African market is very technology-focused, retailers and customers alike are keen to adopt the latest technology trends. Regional and national African oil companies have a wide range of products available on the local markets including cheap multipurpose LED fixtures but more and more of them do not compromised with quality and reliability of the equipment they invest in. The quality of Bever Innovation’s products is second to none and we have strong local partners in place to ensure the proper aftercare of our equipment. Recently we launched the InMo dynamic LED screen, which can be easily incorporated into price totems, using modular parts. The screen itself serves as a price display, information terminal and marketing tool in one. The product has attracted a lot of interest from customers in the region and we are already working on installing the first few screens in the market.

If you would like to contact Thibaud:

Tel: +254 79 0511575