Simpler and clearer display of fuel prices, discounts and marketing campaigns

Fuel stations keen to share their promotions or discounts with customers (whether existing or potential) frequently put up banners over their price displays. This is not only aesthetically displeasing, but also requires a lot of effort on the part of the fuel station operators and/or technical and other staff. After all, the banners not only need to be designed, printed and put up, but also have to be taken down again after the campaign comes to an end. The InMotion (InMo) LED screen from Bever Innovations’ Fuel puts an end to all that effort.

InMo is a dynamic LED screen that can be easily incorporated into price displays using modular parts. The screen itself serves as a price display, information terminal and marketing tool in one. “The LED screen can not only display fuel prices, but also easily highlight discounts and marketing promotions, both textually and visually,” explains Bram Bolle, LED Product Manager of the Fuel division at Bever Innovations. “It’s professional, eye-catching and dynamic, with a suitable message for every occasion. Thanks to the Point (POS) link and price projection on top of the screen display, the most up-to-date prices can be displayed at all times.”

Smart design, exceptional clarity

The InMo LED screen was specially developed for integration with a price display. Thanks to its modular design, the dimensions of the screen can easily be adapted to the available space. The InMo LED screen is also available in various pitch sizes, offering the right resolution and clarity for every situation. Combined with an extensive and detailed colour range (High Dynamic Range: 48 bit colours across a complete dimming range), the InMo LED screen is an eye-catcher in all conditions.

The right price at all times

“Thanks to the link to the POS system, up-to-date fuel prices are displayed on the LED screen automatically,” continues Bolle. “And without the manager and/or technical or other staff having to lift a finger. A converter ensures the right translation from the cash register ‘language’ to the communication protocol in the InMo LED screen, after which the information is sent automatically to the screen by way of a wireless connection. The price information is then projected on top of the chosen image so that, when prices change, the image does not have to be changed as well.”

Remote control

The InMo LED screen can be accessed remotely via the EOS Connected platform from Bever Innovations. ‘All information is available online, enabling remote management. “Authorised individuals can easily create or change playlists by the day/time online. For example, coffee, tea and fresh croissants at the fuel station can be promoted in the morning hours, with sandwiches and energy or soft drinks being highlighted in the afternoon. If desired, these promotions and the current fuel prices can alternate with discounts and/or savings campaigns.”

Plug-and-play assembly

The InMo LED screen is unique in that it features plug-and-play installation. The modular system is comprised of elongated lines in various heights and widths that can be easily stacked horizontally or vertically on the basic frame of the price display. The development/integration of a separate frame is not needed as a result. The high-quality LEDs in the InMo LED screen are specially developed for outdoor use and, consequently, offer excellent protection from rain, wind, hail, UV radiation, extremely low and high temperatures and other weather influences. “Thanks to the combination of the black appearance of the LEDs and the high light output, the screen guarantees extremely high contrast and readability under all weather conditions,” adds Bolle. “The screen adapts to the amount of surrounding light automatically. Since there are several light sensors in the screen, the LEDs also respond if only part of the screen is in direct sunlight.” It goes without saying that the InMo LED screen is protected by Bever Innovations AOP (Active Overheating Protection), thereby guaranteeing a long service life of over 80,000 hours.

Future-proof technology

“Thanks to the wireless integrated EOS network technology from Bever Innovations, the InMo LED screen can easily be incorporated into the EOS network, which enables all of our LED products to communicate wirelessly,” concludes Bolle. “These products include the LED awning lighting, LED outdoor lighting and LED shop lighting. In addition, EOS technology not only ensures optimal coordination between all LED lighting installations, but also performs a controlling function. Managers and/or technical and other staff can see at a single glance whether the LEDs are functioning properly, the prices and promotions displayed at all times and whether any unforeseen disruptions have occurred, allowing for action to be taken directly. This results the perfect combination of simplified management, clear communication and optimal safety.”