Safely filling up your car at any time; day or night

Offering customers a safe filling environment after dark requires good lighting. The LS LED fixtures are the perfect solution. The focus during development was on long service life, high colour fidelity, and uniform lighting, enabling customers to see people, cars, pumps, and other objects in near-daylight conditions 24/7. This increases the sense of safety considerably while reducing energy consumption to a minimum – thanks to intelligent dimming options.

Conventiontional lighting at petrol stations usually lasts two to three years, claims Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director for the BeNeLux in the Fuel division at Bever Innovations. “The technical service often has its hands full putting up and taking down scaffolding, installing ladders and replacing fixtures. But despite these efforts, they’re fighting a losing battle. It often takes a few weeks before defective fixtures are identified. All that time, customers have to deal with poorly lit price displays at the pump and dark corners that negatively affect their sense of safety. Bever LED lighting puts an end to all this.”

Bright white light

“What makes our LED lighting so distinct are its long service life, high colour fidelity, uniform lighting, and optimum adjustability,” explains Jongebreur. “The lighting easily lasts 18 years. And because the light is much whiter and brighter than conventional lighting (5,700 Kelvin rather than 3,000 Kelvin), people, cars, pumps, and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times. Poorly lit price displays and dark corners are no longer an issue, making customers feel safer and more welcome.”

Intelligent dimming

Whereas conventional lighting is on full power 12 hours a day, Bever’s LED lighting automatically dims to a third of lighting capacity in the absence of customers. This is particularly helpful when there is minimal activity at the station, primarily between midnight and 6 am. Jongebreur adds, “As soon as motion is detected, the fixtures switch on automatically and gradually intensify to a certain level of lighting. This enables safe, comfortable refuelling after dark with minimal energy consumption.”

Tango A16 the Netherlands

Optimal sense of safety

All LED fixtures are automatically incorporated into a wireless network. “The fixtures relay information to each other 24/7, without an Internet connection being required. The EOS Manager app on a smartphone or tablet enables fuel station managers to view the status of their fixtures, as well as energy consumption and any faults, in order to adjust the light intensity of the fixtures and/or activate or deactivate daylight sensors and motion sensors. This can be done individually or in groups. And both on location or remotely. Should a fixture become defective, this can be seen directly in the EOS Manager app, so that action can be taken to remedy the problem. This ensures an optimal sense of safety.” But earlier signals are also rendered visible. “The operating temperatures of all critical fixture parts are monitored 24/7,” says Jongebreur. “If the temperatures rise above a critical limit, this is communicated directly in the EOS Manager app, thus enabling predictive maintenance and guaranteeing visibility and safety at the petrol stations at all times.
This is highly appreciated not only by customers but also by petrol station managers.”